Soft skills &

Leadership Trainings

Boost Your

Communication Skills

Good communication is a crucial skill in any environment with human interactions.

However, when it comes to communication in the workplace,

good communication is an integral element to business success.

And yet many people have the experience that when they speak, people don’t listen to them.

My training will help you master the skill of communicating with others and building powerful relationships with the stakeholders. During this highly interactive training you will stretch your comfort zone and expend your influence through public speaking, exercises, group discussions and individual reflection.

After the training you shall be able to:

Convey the message

Prepare a memorable self-pitch

Deliver constructive feedback

Persuade, influence and motivate others

Give a picture of competence

Develop and maintain good relationships with stakeholders

Understand the difference between assertive, passive, agressive and passive-agressive style of communication

Stress and Emotional Management

Does pressure of work take a toll on your health?

Trying to race ahead in a highly competitive environment is evidently going to raise your stress levels. Stress is a two-sided sword that harms your body and mind. It is the source of all negativities that emits bad energy, leading to anger and frustration, thus affecting quality of life. Executives all over the world are suffering from this chronic condition.

However, it can be dealt with, by developing the right mindset. While we cannot control the events or circumstances creating stressful situations, we can learn to modify our reaction to them.

My Stress Management training helps you find ways you can control your attitude to have a more balanced life. It will also help you manage yourself in time and overcome procrastination.

You will learn how to:

Recognize different types of stress and its causes

Support your own psychological safety

Manage your emotions

Develop personal resilience using applied science

Understand the difference between the growth and the fixed mindset and their impact on their

wellbeing and performance

Use some practical time management tools and solutions for immediate implementation

Networking & Personal Branding

We all agree that being connected is paramount for success in the 21 st century, especially for a leading Generation-Y. Unfortunately, business and success is undoubtedly about whom you know, not what you know.

Despite having just graduated college and feeling duly prepared to start your new life, you might be far from nailing that job you thought you had in the bag!

The training I propose is about psychological, human approach to building long term relationships with the clients, networking, and sales, based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

70% of the workshop is based on practical exercises: discussions, self-reflections, group work, physical exercises to make you confident and well-grounded in your body and with your voice.

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Train the Trainers

Do you like to share your knowledge and teach others?

Very few people are born trainers, and most of those who wish to be trainers still require training. A measure of the success is the relationship that develops between trainer and trainees and the learning g experience you create in the classroom.

In this highly engaging workshop,

you will learn:

Tips to activate every audience

Key elements of training design

Importance of adult learning principles

(according to Neuroscience)