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If you feel slight nervousness

or paralyzing fear before public speaking, then you are

in the right place

My methods and tools are simple, yet the results are profound. Learning with me is fun and accessible, and the tools I equip you with last a lifetime.

Look-up - Martyna Adamska - Coaching - Luksemburg - Public Speaking

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Learn powerful tools to create inspiring speeches that build rapport and make people want to listen.


Soft skills &

Leadership Trainings

Decode situations and deploy practiced techniques to solve business challenges, improve communication and lead teams.


Empower your teams, improve their communication and overcome potential conflicts.

Look-up - Martyna Adamska - Coaching - Luksemburg - Public Speaking

About me

Hi, I am Martyna, a public speaking coach and a passionate trainer with psychological background.

A mom of 2, a folk singer and a nature lover.

I’ve worked for universities, European institutions, Big 4 and start-ups. I have coached and trained police officers, prison guards, C-suites of some of the biggest financial institutions, young researchers and international students. I’ve lived and studied in the US, Finland, Poland and Luxembourg. Since 14 years I´ve been living and working in Luxembourg, where I also organize the second biggest film festival – CinEast.

I want my clients to LookUp and see possibilities where others see challenges and to SpeakUp with confidence when needed!

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Sunday, 9th October at 8PM

CinEast Women’s Event

A traditional Women’s Event within CinEast Film Festival, which will focus on the topic of gender equality, sexual empowerment, and deconstruction of misogynistic customs and stereotypes still existing in the society. We will also explore the legacy of witch hunts in Europe and try to answer the question why women are still expected to act certain ways or be ostracized.

Salle Krieps (Neimënster)

Look-up - Martyna Adamska - Coaching - Luksemburg - Public Speaking

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